May 2020

Vision+ SIS 10510

Vision+ SIS 10510 is on general release to all Countries

Amongst the many changes in this release are:

  • The latest SNOMED CT April dictionary is implemented in SIS 10510 and includes the Coronavirus concepts. For more information on Vision's Coronavirus guidance see -  Vision's Coronavirus Guidance
  • QOF England
    • SIS 10510 removes the restriction to only display sixty SNOMED CT terms in a QOF template
  • Vision+ Template Designer
    • You can now hide the SNOMED CT term/Read code and description so that it does not display when viewing a template in the patient record
    • Enhancements to the SNOMED CT browser in Template Designer
  • Vision+ Reports
    • Reports within Practice Lists that include SNOMED CT terms run faster on receipt of SIS 10510
    • Additional report fixes
  • Download Web Files
    • Pathway IDs display when downloading a template from Download Web Files
Click here for the Vision+ SIS 10510 release guide.