October 2019

Vision+ Last Run Reports

We have been made aware of a potential issue in relation to the use of the Last Run reporting feature available within the Vision+ application. It is possible to add an entry to the record of a patient included within a Last Run report.

In order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding of the information presented by a Last Run report following the addition of an entry into the record of any patient, please be aware of these two possible scenarios when using a Last Run report:  

  • A Last Run report is a static data set which loads data as a snapshot as it appeared in the past and it does not run and re-check the patients listed. Consequently, if a user chooses to add new data to a patient record through a Last Run report, then this new information will NOT appear the next time that Last Run report is loaded. For example: Where loading a Last Run report dated 1st September 2019, any new information added to the record of a patient listed after that date will NOT be included if such data has been added through that Last Run report.
  • Where a full report is ran to completion (i.e. NOT through the Last Run reporting feature), any patient information added from a Last Run will be taken into account in the correct context in the full report. For example: Where a user has added a Seasonal Flu vaccination to a patient record through a Last Run report with respect to Seasonal Flu Clinics, then that newly added vaccination information will be taken into account and the patient removed from the active recall list when a full report is ran to completion. Whereas a Last Run holds a static dataset from a single point in time, a full report is dynamic and presents a user with fully up-to-date results returned.

We hope this clarifies the position in terms of what information will be presented to Vision+ users following an entry made into the patient record from a Last Run report.