October 2019

Vision Anywhere Release 3.3 for iOS

We are pleased to announce Vision Anywhere 3.3 for iOS is to be released this coming Monday, 21st October 2019, in the Apple store.

It is important you read the information in this blog carefully as there are various scenarios relating to this update.


We are pleased to announce Vision Anywhere 3.3 for iOS is to be released this coming Monday, 21st October 2019, in the Apple store.


Important - Please read the following information carefully as there are various scenarios relating to this update:

The Vision Anywhere 3.3 release includes:

  • SNOMED CT – Vision Anywhere now uses native SNOMED CT for data entry instead of Read codes.
  • Prescribing with notes – New options within the Prescribe screen.
  • Calculators and Templates – A number of clinical calculators and data entry templates are now available.
  • Failed Encounter Writeback – Any encounters that fail to write back to your clinical system are now automatically queued and write back is re-tried.
  • Non-FP10 Medication – The ability to create non-FP10 medication has been withdrawn.

Click here to see What’s New in this release.

Note - Before you upgrade to version 3.3, please ensure that any open encounters on your device are closed see instructions here.

Vision Anywhere 3.3 for Windows and Android is coming soon.

All Countries - If you have already updated to iOS 13

Apple recently released iOS 13 which unfortunately caused some issues with the Vision Anywhere service.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and to let you know that once you install Vision Anywhere 3.3, full functionality is restored and along with the Vision Anywhere 3.3 enhancements.

Scotland Only - Vision Anywhere Release 3.3 for iOS


Important.png Important - To use Vision Anywhere 3.3 for iOS you must have a minimum of Vision 3 release DLM 640. If you are yet to receive DLM 640, we are aiming to get this to you in the next week.


Prior to receiving the DLM 640 update, if you want to continue to use Vision Anywhere, please ensure that you turn off automatic updates on your iOS device for both for your apps and operating system as follows:

  1. From your iOS device, tap the Settings The settings view displays.
  2. Tap your name and the Apple ID view displays.
  3. Select iTunes & App Store iTunes and App Store.png.
  4. In the Automatic Downloads section, next to Apps and Updates slide the button to off:
iOS Automatic Downloads.png

Training Tip.png Training Tip - When accessing the app store in the future, do not select update all, choose the individual apps that you wish to update excluding Vision Anywhere.


If you have received the latest iOS update, but not installed it, please ignore the red number on your Settings button until your Vision 3 is updated to DLM 640.

Once you received Vision 3 release DLM 640:

  • Check you have no open encounters:
    • Any open encounters display on your Vision Anyway Home screen, select each one to open the patient record, select the Encounter in progress and then select Close.
  • Reverse the updates settings (see above) and the Vision Anywhere 3.3 update automatically updates from the iOS store.