April 2020

Update to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 ‘Most Vulnerable’ Patients Utility – Scotland only 16/4/2020

As directed by NHS Scotland, any entries created by the utility run on your patient register to highlight patients in the ‘most vulnerable’ category for developing complications from Covid-19 infection, will in the next few days:

  • Have the Consultation Type they were recorded under updated to Administration

Any patients that newly qualify for the ‘most vulnerable’ category and that are included in the latest download from NHS Scotland, will have a Medical History entry added to their record to reflect this:

Vulnerable Scotland

Please Note – Vision uses SNOMED CT Term 443999008 Risk of exposure to communicable disease to record this data, this displays as Read term 9d44.00 Risk of exposure to communicable disease in Vision 3. If you add this Read code manually it displays as 9d44.00 Potential infectious contact.

If you have manually removed the 9d44.00 entry added as part of one of the previous NHS Scotland directed updates, it is not reinstated unless the patient is included as a new entry on the latest list from NHS Scotland.