May 2020

Update to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 ‘At Risk’ Patients Utility – England only 4th May 2020

As directed by NHS Digital, for all your active patients with a clinical entry of 9d44.00 recorded since 1st January 2020 without an End Date added, we are running a utility to add the following clinical record:

C-19 4-5-2020

By default the History entry will have:

  • Read Term for Characteristic - 14Or.00 High risk category for developing complication from COVID-19 infection
  • Comment – Blank
  • Priority – 1
  • End Date – Matches Event Date

They will be added with a Consultation Type of Administration.

Note - NHS Digital are planning on sending us a weekly list of newly identified ‘at risk’ patients. On receipt of that list we will be running an overnight utility to add the above 14Or High risk for developing complications from COVID-19 infection entry to the patient’s clinical record.