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Primary Care

Course Topics Covered Duration
Vision for the Clinician

Beginner - Intermediate

  • Consultation Manager - hints and tips
  • Prescribing principles
  • Data entry protocols
  • Using templates
  • Calculators
  • Creating tasks
  • Viewing incoming messages in Mail Manager
  • Referral maintenance
  • DXS - Decision support
  • KIS/ECS (Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • Summary Care Record (England)
  • IHR (Wales)
2 hours 

Vision for Reception and Admin

Beginner - Intermediate

  • Managing registrations
  • Dealing with registration links
  • New appointments
  • Introduction to prescribing
  • Workflow management
  • Managing incoming messages in Mail Manager
1.5 hours
Vision for the Pharmacist

Beginner - Intermediate 

  • Navigating the patient record
  • Prescribing
  • Data entry
  • Maintaining formularies
  • Drug searches
  • Clinical searches
2.5 hours

System/User Configuration

(Practice and IT Managers, System Administrators or Super Users)

  • Creating and inactivating users
  • Mail Manager and mail maintenance
  • Appointment book administration
  • Making the most out of Apps controller
  • Online services configuration
  • Registration Links
  • Daybook templates and management
  • Workflow housekeeping
  • Word processor management
  • Audits and events
  • Housekeeping tasks
1.5 hours


(Reception and Admin staff)

  • Navigating the appointment book
  • Booking appointments
  • Searching for patients
  • Cancelling/moving appointments
  • Using the free slot search
30 mins

Appointments Setup

(Practice and IT Managers, System Managers)

  • Managing book owners
  • Understanding the configuration options
  • Creating sessions and setting up weekly plans
1 hour

Online Services


Practice and IT Managers, System Managers
  • Organisation configuration
  • Registration Processes and account activation
  • Online appointments 
  • Online prescriptions (acute and repeats)
  • Summary care record management (England and Wales)
  • DCR (England and Wales)
  • Online patient messaging (England)
  • Searches and reports
  • Utilisation

Reception and Admin staff

  • Registration process
  • Viewing online appointments
  • Processing online prescriptions

2 hours







1 hour

Searches and Reports


  • Reviewing clinical audit
  • Explanation of patient groups
  • Building a simple clinical term search
  • Report output types
  • Creating batches


  • Clinical audit refresher
  • Building medication and clinical searches
  • Creating test searches
  • Excluding criteria
  • Patient groups


  • Recap search criteria and output
  • Scheduling searches
  • Exporting searches
  • Working with searches in Excel



2 hours




2 hours




2 hours



Including Text Messaging and Template Designer

Beginner - Intermediate
  • Patient mode
  • Reporting
  • Recalls
  • Contract manager
  • Text Messaging 


  • Vision+ Template design and concepts for data entry
  • Create a template using the different template tools
  • Manage template distribution

2.5 hours




2.5 hours


Beginner - Intermediate

  • Create and send a task
  • Reply to tasks
  • Navigate daybook
  • View announcements


  • Daybook configuration
  • Daybook template
  • Housekeeping

2.5 hours




2 hours


Reception and Admin

  • Registration process
  • Managing incoming GP2GP messages


  • Dealing with degraded data
  • Managing incoming allergies
  • Tidying the patient record

45 mins



1.5 hours


Reception and Admin

  • Advice on creating a Summarising protocol
  • Hints and tips on clinical term data entry
  • Customising the system to aid data entry
  • Dealing with degraded data (England, Wales and Scotland)
  • Summarising records and the impact on QOF and Enhanced services

2.5 hours

Workflow Management/Docman Refresher 

Reception and Admin

  • Getting the best out of Docman
  • Scanning hints and tips
  • Managing workflow
  • Reporting in Docman
  • Optimising Intellisense 

1.5 hours

Referral Processing

Secretarial and Admin

  • Refresher on setting up templates
  • File management (tidying up documents)

45 mins

General Hints and Tips

  • Recap of recent software releases
  • Offer general hints and tips covering all modules
  • Review procedures and discuss shortcuts
  • Troubleshooting 

1.5 hours

5K Challenge

  • One of our experienced specialists will visit your practice for two days to analyse your records
  • Training consultants will identify patients that do not have a QOF appropriate diagnostic term and then add correct codes to your records, or if you prefer, provide you with lists of patients to update yourself
  • You will be provided with a summary of the work that has been completed along with a financial breakdown of the associated increase to your practice income
  • All we need is a little time with one of your GPs at the beginning and end of each day to make sure they are comfortable with the coding changes we will make

2 days

Vision Anywhere

GP Practices and Federations - Clinicians

  • Opening an encounter
  • Recording clinical terms and observations
  • Viewing the patient record
  • Prescribing 

45 mins

Vision 360 Organisational Services

Federations/Health Boards/CCG - Super Users/Admin

  • Creating a new user
  • Deactivating a user
  • Unlocking a user
  • Resetting a user's password

45 mins

Consultancy Schemes

Vision offers a range of consultancy schemes that enable you to receive regular visits from our highly experienced Training Consultants. You will be allocated a Consultant who will visit your practice on a regular basis to assist with training, management of the system, day to day usage, reporting and much more..

Various (Please enquire)

Pre-Live Training

For practices migrating to one of our Solutions, you can book additional pre-live training which is tailored to your specific practice requirements and can accommodate any of the above courses.

Various (Please enquire)

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