July 2020

Vision+ SIS 10520

Vision+ SIS 10520 is now on general release to all Countries

Amongst the many changes in this release are:

  • The latest SNOMED CT 29.1 dictionary is implemented in SIS 10520 and includes additional Coronavirus concepts. For more information on Vision’s latest Coronavirus guidance see - Vision Coronavirus Advice.
  • SMS Text Messaging
    • On receipt of SIS 10520 a new Implied Consent model is available. Patients who do not have a Consent/Declined term recorded in their record are automatically Opted In for SMS Text Messaging. This can now be changed as a practice-wide setting so that the default for your practice is for patients to Opt Out

    • Previously, if an error occurred during the transmission of SMS messages to a group of patients it was not clear if the text message was sent. From SIS 10520 a record of the message is logged after each message.
  • Vision+ Data Entry
    • Recording a study clinical term in Vision+, now also records the study reference/code in the correct Structured Data Area (SDA) box.
    • Vision+ Reports now show the correct QOF Version 44 label.
    • The Last Run option now processes patient records that contain a tilde (~) character in the comments box.
    • Patients with a registration status of Temporary are automatically removed from Vision+ Reports when their length of stay expires.
Click here for the full SIS 10520 release guide.