January 2020

Vision+ SIS 10490

Vision+ SIS 10490 is on release to all practices in England and Wales and will shortly begin release to practices in Scotland.

Amongst the many changes in this release are:

QOF Business Rules

  • QOF v42 - England
  • QOF v37 - Northern Ireland
  • QOF v37 - Wales 

SNOMED June 2019 release

Warfarin module

  • Enhanced patient printout including ability to change font size and
  • Time in Therapeutic Range (TTR) averaged over last 12 months

eGFR calculator

  • Cockcroft-Gault option to use ideal weight or actual weight
  • Calculated scores filed to patient record

Mail Merge enhancements

  • View all invitation statuses when using Merge All
  • Choose the category code to file to patient record in the All Patients view
  • Merged letters include only patient's selected categories

Vision+ Templates show "no data recorded" in a different colour

Click here for the SIS 10490 release guide.