GP Communicator

Setting up a new address in GP Communicator

If you have a managed server, this needs to be done via the EDI account.
If you have a local server, this needs to be accessed from the server administrator account.

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen select Messaging followed by GP communicator:

  2. From GP Communicator, select File - New - Address:
  3. Enter the name of trader, this has to be five characters, for example, Out of Hours could be OOH01:

  4. Select Add and the Clinical Address form displays.

  5. Enter the Description, this is normally what messages are being received and the sender, for example, Salford OOH messages.
  6. Enter the following:

    Recipient Link Code
    Practice Link Code
    SMTP address
    DTS Name

  7. Select OK to finish,
    Note -If your practice has already been sent the reports you can find them in the Attention folder in GP Communicator, these need to be resolved against the address setup.

    See Adding a New Clinical Address in the GP Communicator and Mail Gateway Help Centre for details.