November 2021

Seasonal Influenza update - England only (4th November 2021)

Important Information about the Historical and Daily Import of Influenza Vaccination Data

We are now automatically importing data received from external vaccination systems into patient records in Vision 3, however we are currently not able to import all influenza vaccination data into Vision 3. We are working to resolve this issue and ask you to check with the patient regarding their vaccination status if required.  

Important - If you are manually adding an influenza vaccination record, please be aware that this will be replaced by the automatic import and any comments will be lost from the record.

Note - If you need to add additional information to an influenza vaccination record, please wait until after the data import.

Once the issue is resolved and all data is being imported automatically into Vision 3 from external vaccination systems, please allow up to 36 hours for the data to be written back to your patient records from when the vaccination data is recorded in the external vaccination system.

Adverse Reaction Data for Influenza Vaccinations

Adverse Reaction data is not included in the import. If you are manually adding Adverse Reaction data, please ensure to add this as a coded entry and not as part of the Comments box within a vaccination, as this may be removed by the automatic import of vaccination data.

Preventing duplication of Influenza Vaccination Records

On Import, Vision 3 checks whether a vaccination is already recorded, and replaces influenza vaccination records with the same code / immunisation type administered within three months of the vaccine date to avoid duplicated data.


See the Seasonal Influenza Campaign Help Centre for more information.