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Vision includes powerful utilities to ensure you can find patients with almost any clinical or administrative detail, to ensure you provide the best level of care for your patients.

The suite of tools includes:

  • Search and Reports
    This module includes predefined reports along with the option to create your own searches and saved as a group for further action.
    The searches can be grouped together and run as a batch.
    The results can also be exported to Excel.
    Search & Reports Help centre
  • Clinical Audit
    The Clinical Audit module runs automatically every night and consists of predefined searches for QoF, Immunisations and many other areas including Data Quality. This gives you snapshots of progress in key areas, along with the relevant patient details which include eligible patients who have outstanding clinical needs.
    Clinical Audit Help Centre
  • Patient Groups
    The results of Searches & Reports and also the daily clinical audit generation can be manipulated further, for example, removing common patients.
    This module can also be used for the bulk generation of letters and recalls.
    Patient Groups Help Centre
  • Vision +
    A suite of reports for QoF and disease management.
    Vision + Help Centre