January 2018

QRISK2 and Local Templates

A recent Patient Safety Concern notice has been issued by NHS England regarding clinical codes being used in a locally used Template that were not being taken into account for QRISK2 calculation. 

Whilst this concern did not involve any Vision systems the following information should be taken into account if creating local templates.

If you are using the Vision+ QRISK2 template for risk calculation, any contributing data entered into the patient record that is used for this calculator is visible within the calculator Template. You can also update the patient record directly from the QRISK2 calculator template, and any data entered here will be recorded with the correct codes for accurate QRISK2 calculation.

Should you design your own local data entry Templates and any of the data you are trying to capture should be taken into account for the QRISK2 calculation, please take extra care to ensure that any codes you attach to your local Template are correct to ensure an accurate QRISK2 calculation.