May 2020

Preparing for Coronavirus Test Results - England Only

You will shortly be receiving the Coronavirus test results from the swabs taken at the nationwide Coronavirus test centres.

These results are received in the same way as normal pathology results, however as the tests were not requested by yourselves, they are sent to a generic recipient at your practice:

  • GP Code – G9999981
  • GP name - COVIDpillar2.

To ensure these results automatically file to the patient record on receipt, we strongly recommend you set up a Local ID for G9999981.

Note – The initial download may be a large number of results, depending on how many of your patients have been tested.

To set up a Local ID

1. From Mail Manager , select Tools - Local IDs.
2. The Local IDs screen displays:
Local Ids
3. Select Add and the Add a new Local Identifier screen displays:

4. Complete as required:

  • Local Identifier - Enter G9999981
  • Staff Member - Select the appropriate member of staff from the available list

5. Select OK.