August 2022

Opening Tagged Image Format (.TIF) Files from 3rd August 2022 – England Only

Due to the way TPP practices send GP2GP data, from the 3rd August 2022 when you select to open an attachment from Vision 3, if it is a .TIF file it automatically opens in Windows Photo Viewer.

Windows Photo Viewer opens as a separate window on top of Vision 3 enabling you to view the details of the attachment and move it out of the way to see the patient record.

However, because of the way these files are sent to Vision 3 it is vital you use the correct options:

Windows Photo Viewer controls

  • Page numbers Use the top page options to work your way through a document.
  • Use Zoom zoom to make the document easier to read.
  • Use See Full Size restore to revert to the original size.
  • Use Close close in the top right corner to close the Windows Photo Viewer.

Vision ImportantImportant Warning - Do not use Next page Windows Photo Viewer controls zoom in to change page, this accesses documents unrelated to the selected patient. Do not use Delete Delete res cross to close the screen, it deletes the file you are viewing.