November 2018

National Data Opt-out Reminder

Type 2 Opt-outs - Information help by NHS Digital

The National Data Opt-out has replaced type 2 opt-outs. From 11th October 2018, Read code 9Nu4. Dissent from disclosure of personal confidential data HSCIC must not be used to record a patient's opt-out choice as it is no longer collected and processed. Type 2 opt-outs recorded on or before this date have been converted to national data opt-outs.

Type 1 Opt-outs - Research
Patients with a type 1 opt-out code recorded, which indicates they do not want their confidential patient information leaving the practice for research and planning purposes, will continue to be respected until at least 2020. You should continue to record and apply a patient’s type 1 opt-out choice, 9Nu0. Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data.

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