Mail Manager

Managing GP2GP Transmission Errors

In Mail Manager, GP2GP messages in the Outgoing folder which have a status of ‘Transmission Error’ can be dealt with in the first instance by practice staff.

  • From Mail Manager, select the message and then the Audit tab at the bottom of the screen to see the audit trail for the selected message. Find the audit log for the ‘GPC’ staff member which also displays an explanation of why the message could not be transmitted.  Select More… to display further information.
    • If the error description states that the message has failed to transmit, you can attempt to reprocess the message. Simply right click on the message and select Message - Reprocess. If you have multiple messages which need reprocessing, you can select the messages then go to File - Ticked - Reprocess.
    • If the reason given is Message exceeds maximum size then there is nothing that can be done to resolve this. The message automatically archives in the normal manner.

After completing these steps, if there is still a problem with an Outgoing GP2GP message, please log a call with Helpline.