Consultation Manager

How Do I Import Guidelines?

Vision 3 Guidelines are a useful tool that is popular with clinicians.

Guidelines provide assistance and standardisation when treating patients with a particular diagnosis and/or requirement.

  1. Access the Downloads section of the Consultation Manager Help Centre.
  2. Locate the desired guideline from the index shown, and click on the  line you wish to import.
    Note - when downloading nGMS Contract guidelines, please ensure that you select the CORRECT country for your customer (there are often subtle differences).

    The section displays along with  background information about the guideline and includes a link to download the file.
  3. Select the link to download the file
  4. Select OK to unzip the guideline and begin the installation process.
  5. Select Unzip from the Self Extractor prompt. 
    Note - You are strongly recommended NOT to change the default path.
  6. The import wizard prompts you to open Consultation Manager, once this is done select Yes to continue.
  7. A prompt displays asking if you would like delete any previous versions of this guideline before importing. 

    Select the appropriate option to proceed.
  8. As the Import  proceeds, you may need to select Open to continue,
  9. On completion, prompt displays to see if you would like to add this to the main index.
    Select Yes to proceed, the main index displays.
    Simply select on the line where you want the guideline to display, and then select the book icon. The guideline is added to the index.
    Or select No, if you do not want to add the guideline to the index.