June 2019

Meningitis Vaccine Alerting

Vision has become aware of the tragic death of a 21-year-old patient from Tunbridge Wells registered at a GP practice using a competitor (non-Vision) clinical system who died from meningococcal sepsis (MenW).

To view an article on this subject on Pulse website please click here

In view of this, Vision are advising GP practices to be vigilant regarding the prevention of meningitis, including the eligibility of young people for the meningitis vaccine. To help protect patients against meningitis Vision provides tools, including alerts for those who are eligible for vaccination.

Please be advised that a meningitis ACWY pathway is available in Vision+ called “Meningitis ACWY Vaccination”. Once the Vision+ meningitis ACWY pathway has been downloaded, the meningitis vaccine alerts are automatically activated by default and Vision recommends leaving these enabled.

Click here to view instructions and guidance on how to utilise this pathway

Note that the Vision+ meningitis ACWY pathway is not available in Scotland. It is not required as the national meningitis immunisation programme in Scotland is almost exclusively delivered in schools and GPs are no longer involved, including in any catch-up campaigns.

Additionally, there is Clinical Audit functionality available in Vision 3 that may be used to manage this. Note that Clinical Audit has no alerts / reminders by default, individual practices would require to add their own Yellow note reminder for use as the required alert that would appear in the Yellow reminders pane.

Click here to view instructions and guidance on running Clinical Audits, including the use of reminders