May 2021

GPES Issue - Hepatitis B - May 2021 Extract (England only)

We have been made aware of an issue with the first collection of data for the Hepatitis B at risk (newborn) GPES extract for 2021/22.  This extract started on 9th May and was for the month ending 30th April.  The extract may have contained additional patients for HEPB002. 

The reason for this is the way Vision 3 handles combined vaccinations by splitting them into individual parts. Patients who only received routine 6 in 1 vaccinations, of which Hepatitis B is a component, may have been extracted in error.  Part of the issue is also down to the Business Rules allowing us to count any Hepatitis B’s that were given to patients beyond the ages you would expect for the 'at risk' schedule.

A fix has now been put in place to ensure that 6 in 1 vaccinations are specifically excluded from the extract and that only genuine single Hepatitis B’s are included. An updated GPES audit is being deployed so that an ad-hoc extract can take place between the 24th and 27th May 2021. The manual version of this audit has already been published on the Clinical Audit Download page.

Can we ask you to ensure that no further declarations or approvals for Hepatitis B should be made within CQRS until after the new extract has been completed.