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GP Communicator and Mail Gateway are the two user interfaces for message transmission within Vision, both of which employ the same core components to operate:

GP Communicator (GPC)

GP Communicator GP_Communicator_icon is used to monitor messages and manage any issues with them.

  • For practices with their own server GP Communicator is configured to run on either the server or a dedicated workstation, known as either the GP Communicator or EBXML machine, GP Communicator services are only available on this workstation.
  • For practices using managed servers, for example AEROS, practices need to login using their allocated EDI account details to access GP Communicator.

See GP Communicator for full details.

Mail Gateway

Mail Gateway Mail_Gateway_icon is a separate application on the desktop of the GPC Machine/EDI account that starts up automatically when your GPC Machine/EDI login starts. Mail Gateway cannot be closed as it must be running for scheduled processes to work. Mail Gateway actions all GPC scheduled functions including polling, sending and receiving and clinical interface.


Mail Gateway appears minimised on your Windows task bar, double click to restore it to full size.


See Mail Gateway Overview for full details.