January 2021

Excluding Deceased Patients from a Patient Group

As there can be a delay in health boards transferring out deceased patients, there is a chance that you will generate invitations and recalls for them. This can, understandably, be very distressing for the deceased patient’s family.

The latest Coronavirus Vaccination Clinical Audits exclude patients that have the following clinical terms recorded:

  • 22J% O/E – Dead
  • 8HG% Died in hospital
  • 9134% Registration ghost – deceased
  • 94% Death administration (excluding 94Z% Death administration NOS)
  • R212100 [D]Died, with no sign of disease
  • R213100 [D]Found dead

Unfortunately, Clinical Audit cannot look at Registration Links data, so to ensure you do not raise invitations and recalls for your recently deceased patients, you should run a search on the group.

Click here for details on Excluding Deceased Patients from a Patient Group.