September 2020

England Only - QOF 2020/21 Asthma RCP Questions

There have been some recent changes in the English QOF Indicators for 2020/21.

AST003 has been removed and replaced by AST0007, this has resulted in the three Asthma Royal College of Physicians (RCP) questions no longer being counted towards achievement:

  • (Retired) AST0003 - Patient has an asthma review on the same date as an asthma exercise, asthma sleep and asthma day symptom assessment.
  • (New) AST0007 - Patient has an asthma review on the same date as an assessment of asthma control using a validated asthma control questionnaire, a recording of the number of exacerbations and a written personalised asthma plan.

Vision release SIS10550, which is due to be released shortly, contains QOF 45 business rules for Vision + including template changes where appropriate. However, in the meantime, you can manually add the following should you require:

  • Asthma control:
    •  38DL.00 Asthma control test
    •  38DT.00 Asthma control questionnaire
    •  38QM.00 Childhood Asthma Control Test
  • Asthma Exacerbations:
    •  663y.00 Number of asthma exacerbations in past year
  • Written Personalise Asthma Plans:
    • 661N100 Asthma self-management plan review
    • 8CMA000 Patient has a written asthma personal action plan

New and updated Data Quality Audits are currently being prepared and tested to aid you in identifying patients that require action, including those that would have qualified for AST003, but do not now qualify for AST007.

Please be assured, the GPES audits are correct.

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