January 2019

England only - Are you remembering to action your SCR Tasks?

As you will be aware, it is strongly recommended that you login to Vision with your Smartcard, this ensures any messages that need to go to and from the Spine can do so without any user interaction.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to work offline, in this case, if you make any changes to the patient record which need to be added to the patient’s SCR, updates are queued and must then be authorised by a Smartcard authenticated user from Queued GP Summaries, see Queued GP Summaries for details.

There are other scenarios where an SCR cannot be sent, in these cases a task is raised that must be acted on. It is vital that these tasks are actioned and completed to ensure that the patient’s SCR data is accurate and up-to-date.

A description of the tasks and required actions is shown below:

  • Patient demographics not verified – A task is created if you defer the screen when prompted and the patient identity is not confirmed during patient selection. A Smartcard authenticated user should resolve these differences and resend the SCR from Consultation Manager. To resend, simply right click on the National Summary and select Send Summary
  • Access Control Service (ACS) Mismatch - If a patient’s local consent differs from the Spine consent, then this must be corrected within Consultation Manager, see Recording Consent for details
  • Message too large – If a GP Summary message was too large to be transmitted a task is created to prompt you to re-configure the summary so that it contains fewer clinical items.
  • Withdrawal error – A task is created to notify you that a SCR withdrawal has failed and must be retried.
  • Retry exceeded limit – A task is created to notify you that three or more attempts were made to send a message but it failed. To resend, right click on the National Summary and select Send Summary.