Don't forget our Digital Learning!

Take a blended approach to learning and take advantage of our extensive suite of elearning programmes, video tutorials and user assistance.

Learn at your own pace, in your own time and from anywhere with a number free, digital learning resources:

The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone includes elearning courses and video tutorials for all our Solutions to help develop your knowledge and skillset. Watch bitesize videos or work through Learning plans which guide you through a topic from start to finish. These can be completed in one sitting, or 'dip in and out' as you have time.

Click here to access and register for the Learning Zone.

The Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a central repository of all our learning materials, help centres, user guides, hints and tips, downloads, webinars and read the latest news from the company! Search for topics of interest and find all the guidance you need to help use our products and apps.

Product Help Centres

Our Product Help Centres contain all the information you should need in order to get the best out of our solutions. Help centres include:

  • helpGetting Started guidance to get you 'up and running.'
  • What's New information to see what has changed in the latest release. 
  • Comprehensive help topics covering all 
    aspects of a Product or App.
  • Printable Quick references and User guides.

All our help centres are accessible from their respective products through the Main Navigation Bars/Menus or by selecting F1. Alternatively access a Help centre from the Knowledge Base:

  1. From Search, enter the name of the help centre.
  2. Select the appropriate option from the list returned.

search for a help centre-1