Vision 3 Appointments

Do you know the recommended Vision 3 Appointments Back-up Protocol?

To provide access to your appointment list in the case of a network problem, Appointments has an automatic text file backup available.

The Appointments Backup is switched on from System Constants and can be set to back up your Vision 3 Appointments system at intervals defined by you.

Note - The following protocol maybe superseded by your Health Board so please check with them before updating your settings.

It is recommended that you set up one or more workstations to run a regular backup of the Appointments system. The Appointments backup creates a text file of the list of appointments for the number of days set, which can then be viewed or printed should there be a problem with your network.
We recommend you set up at least two workstations to run the Appointment backup in the following configuration:

    • Workstation 1 - Regular appointment use - Backup every 15 minutes for today's appointments.
    • Workstation 2 - Less regular use - Backup every 60 minutes, today's and the next three days' appointments.

Note - Appointments must be running on the workstation for the backup to take place, it is therefore highly recommended you set the appointments backup to run on a machine that is in use during all surgery hours and, to aid retrieval, to a machine that has a local printer attached.

Vision Anywhere
If you use Vision Anywhere, your own appointments are automatically synchronised with your designated device(s). This means that in the case of a network outage you can access your personal appointments list without the automatic text file backup within Appointments. See the Vision Anywhere Help centre for full details.