December 2023

Do you know the recommended Appointments Backup Process?

To provide access to your appointment list in the case of a network problem, you can use the Appointments automatic backup.

Note - The following process maybe superseded by your Health Board, please check with them before updating your settings.

Automatic backups are set in Preferences - Backup, you can set intervals for the backups to run and different users can backup at different intervals.

Important- We recommend that backups to local drives are set up by full time staff, for example, Practice Managers or IT Managers. 

The Appointments backup creates a PDF (printable) or a CSV (spreadsheet) file containing one week of appointment data including the current date, which can then be viewed or printed should there be a problem with your network.
We recommend you set up at least two users to run the Appointments backup in the following configuration:

  • User 1 - Backup every 5 minutes.
  • User 2 - Backup every 30 minutes.

Note - Appointments must be running on a computer for backups to take place, it is therefore highly recommended you set backups to run for members of staff that cover all surgery hours and, to aid retrieval, to a computer that has a local printer attached.

See Preferences - Backup for full details.