General Hints and Tips

Do you know…how to access and use the Help Centres?

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions provides a large number of products which together create a complete primary care clinical system encompassing all aspects of recording your patient care.

To support you in using these solutions, there is a full suite of Help Centres to help you when:

  • you have ‘How do I?’ questions,
  • you are learning a new aspect of your job or the system, or
  • we improve how your system works, remember updates to your software are covered in the What’s New? section of each Help Centre.

To access and use the Help Centres:

  • Within a product - You can press the F1 key on your keyboard from within any Cegedim Healthcare Solutions In many places there is a direct link set up and the appropriate help topic displays, if there is no direct link set up you are taken to the appropriate Help Centre from where you can search for the aspect required.
  • Outside of a product - The Cegedim Primary Care Solutions Help Centre, contains links to all the latest Product Help Centres we provide and can be found at

Searching a Help Centre

To find the information you are looking for in any Help Centre you can:

  • Use the Search option - If you are looking for a topic, enter a word or two in Search Help Centre - Search and press return.
  • Drop down lists - Select from the options at the top of the screen and navigate to the topic you require.
  • Tiles - Select the relevant tile from the front screen and then, using the navigation pane to the right, navigate to the topic required.

Note – For Latest News and User Guides, you can also use the Knowledge Base here, but be aware the Search option here only looks at the title of the article, not the content itself.