Did you know you can bulk inactivate repeat masters for a patient?

If you need to inactive more than one repeat master, for example, when a patient transfers out or you have received a GP2GP transfer and added all the new repeats to match your practice protocols.

1. From Consultation Manager Con Mgr.png- Therapy - Repeats, remembering to select Filter Inactive Repeats 2017-03-27_12-08-46.png if required.

2. Highlight all items you wish to inactivate, by holding down the <Ctrl> button on your keyboard and clicking on the items required.

3. Select Inactivate inactivate.jpg.

4. The Inactivation Reason screen is displayed, select the reason required and if appropriate enter a valid free text reason.

Inactivation Reason.png

5. Select OK, all selected medications now have the same inactivation reason.