General Hints and Tips

Did you know you can bulk inactivate repeat masters for a patient?

If you need to inactive more than one repeat master, for example, when a patient transfers out or you have received a GP2GP transfer and added all the new repeats to match your practice protocols.

1. From Consultation Manager - Therapy - Repeats, remembering to select Filter Inactive Repeats Filter Inactive Repeats if required.

2. Highlight all the items you wish to inactivate, by holding down Ctrl on your keyboard and selecting the items required.

3. Select Inactivate Inactivate.

4. The Inactivation Reason screen displays, select the reason required and if appropriate enter a valid free text reason.

5. Select OK, all selected medications now have the same inactivation reason.

See Inactivating and Reactivating Repeat Masters for full details