Did you know you can graph specific information in a patient's record in Consultation Manager?

Any numeric data in Consultation Manager can be viewed as a graph.

Graphs are especially useful for viewing numerical data and for demonstrating trends to patients. But did you know that if you have a lot of data on a chart, you can expand a particular area of the graph you are interested in viewing? Below explains how to work with graphs in Consultation Manager.

  • Right click on the data line eg weight and select Graph.


right click graph.png


  • The graph displays.


graph view.png


  • To expand the area you are interested in, position the cursor to the left and above the area, holding down the left mouse and dragging the resulting square around the result. Let the mouse button go. The area is expanded.


graph expanded view.png


  • To revert to display all data i.e. unexpanded, select Fit to Graph fit to graph.png.


training tip.png Training Tip - For more information on Graphs - see Consultation Manager - Graphs.