General Hints and Tips

Did you know you can speed up your summarising data entry?

If you change the data entry setup screen in Consultation Manager you can speed up your summarising.

The two key areas to consider when summarising a patient's record are the diagnosis date and priority number. You can do this by simply changing your setup screen:

  1. From Consultation Manager, select Consultation - Options - Setup.
  2. Select the Data Entry tab.
  3. In Forms Default Date, select Specific and blank out the date. This means when entering your data you do not need to remove today's data.
  4. You can also change the default priority so that any new history entries default to your summarising priority, for example, priority 1:
ConMgr - Consultation - Options - Setup - Data Entry tab

Note - The default date reverts back to today's date when you close Consultation Manager, however, the priority does not, so you may need to change it back if recording non-summarising entries

See Consultation Manager Setup - Data Entry for full details.