Did you know you can set up or update all your Consultation Manager users from one app?

The User Profile Manager app brings all Consultation Manager user configuration settings together in one place.

The User Profile Manager app User Profile Manager App.png allows system managers to update and create user profiles, by configuring and saving one or more Consultation Manager settings which can then be applied to single users, multiple users or staff groups (for example, a practice manager can update a setting for all GPs directly from their own workstation).

The initial defaults within User Profile Manager are the same as those in Consultation Manager - Setup, you can however use User Profile Manager to define your own practice defaults. See Creating and Editing a User Profile.

Individual profiles can still be set from Consultation Manager - Setup. See Consultations Options Setup.

Please note the following:

  • The User Profile App is only accessible from the Apps Controller module, and cannot be accessed from the apps menu in Consultation Manager.
  • Ensure users are logged out of Vision before updating their Consultation Manager profile as changes are applied immediately and users are presented with an option to overwrite your update on exit.
  • There is currently no Audit Trail event log for User Profile Manager.

Please refer to the full User Profile Manager on screen help for full details.