Did you know you can change priority numbers for a group of patients?

Priority Update utility lets you change one or all medical history priorities for a selected group of patients to a single priority en masse.

Simply search for the patients you want to change by running a medical history search and save the results of the search as an output group (or you can use a clinical audit group).

Then, to run Priority Update:

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Utilities.
  2. Select Priority Update 48592.
  3. From Select Group choose the group for which you would like to change the priorities. You can select to update priorities from the following group types:
      • Groups that you have created yourself from a search. If medical history Read codes are specified within your group, Priority Update updates the priorities for those specified coded entries only. Other parameters of the original search are also maintained eg date ranges.
      • Clinical Audit generated groups. Select a clinical audit line to use as a group for Priority Update.
  4. In the From box, choose which priorities should be changed.
  5. In the To box, choose the priority you would like to apply to the medical histories specified in the selected group search. You can select from 0-9.
  6. Click OK.


Note - The original entry details, for example, date and comments are unaffected, and the audit trail is updated to show the change. For more advice on running Priority Update see Priority Update.