Vision 3 Appointments

Creating Slot Type in Appointments

Create new slot types to help manage your appointment book.

  1. From the Vision Home screen select the Appointments module.
  2. Choose Plan followed by Slot Type from the menu.

    The Slot Type Definitions view displays.
  3. Select Add.

    The Add Slot Type pop-up displays.
  4. Enter a Description for the slot, for example, Emergency.
  5. Optionally, enter a Warning Message, these can be set to display an alert when booking, for example, Emergencies only.
  6. Select the Colour box to assign a colour to the slot, for example, red for an emergency appointment.
  7. Select the tick boxes as appropriate:

    Non-bookable - This slot type cannot be booked, on selecting the slot, a warning message displays.

    Non-Viewable – These slots can then only be viewed from Vision Appointments, Consultation Manager, Mail Manager, and 3rd party applications, but are not displayed  online.
    When booked at the practice, Non-viewable slots do not generate confirmation emails/sms to patients registered online.

    Web Default - Defining a slot as Web Default automatically reserves the slot(s) for web use (ie Vision Online Appointments) when added to a session. Each time the session is extended the slots are automatically created and marked Reserve for Web. Slots used for Online Appointments display the slot type warning message to the patient when booking the appointment,