April 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 ‘self-declared’ Patients – England only

NHS Digital have provided us with a list of patients who have self-declared as ‘at risk’ on the Public Health England web site.

NHS Digital has asked us to add the following record to these patients:

  • In Practice – Tick removed
  • Read Term for Characteristic - 9N38.00 Message from patient
  • Comment – ‘Added by Cegedim Health Systems on behalf of NHS Digital to flag patients self-declaring as in the high risk category for developing complications from Covid-19 infection’
  • Priority – 3
  • Consultation Type - Administration

This utility will be run on your system tonight.

NHS Digital have issued guidance on the processing of these patients for your reference here.

This guidance includes the templates of the two letters they are asking you to send to the two groups of patients: