June 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pathology Messages Backlog– England only

We have received the first of two lists of Coronavirus/Covid-19 test results reported before the live pathology feed was enabled.

As directed by NHS England, these results were added to your patient records, in the appropriate Viral Studies Structured Data Area (SDA), overnight on 19th June 2020, with the Consultation type of Results Recording.

The Vision local codes for COVID-19 results are:

  • 4J3R200 2019-nCoV (novel coronavirus) not detected
  • 4J3R400 SARS-CoV-2 detect reslt unknow
  • 4J3R100 2019-nCoV (novel coronavirus) detected
The second list is expected to be with us shortly.

Note - Patients have received the results by text and email together with guidance and advice, so there is no action necessary on receipt of these results. These results do not need to be notified to PHE under the notifiable diseases requirement this has already been done.