May 2020

Coronavirus/Covid-19 ‘At Risk’ Patients Utility – England only 14th May 2020

NHS England have provided us with a list of patients that newly qualify for the ‘at risk’ category. Overnight tonight, these patients will have a Medical History entry added to their record to reflect this.

Important – We have been directed by NHS England to include the provided reason in Comments for these entries. This can contain sensitive information. For this reason the new entry is being added as a Priority 3 to give you time to review the entry without it automatically being loaded to the SCR when accessed.

By default the History entry will have:

  • Event Date – Date the patient was added to the Shielded Patient List (SPL) as provided by NHS England
  • Read Term for Characteristic - 14Or.00 High risk category for developing complication from COVID-19 infection
  • Comment – Reason provided by NHS England
  • Priority – 3
  • End Date – Matches Event Date

They will be added with a Consultation Type of Administration.

These patients have already been added to the national SPL and are due to be contacted by NHS England.

NHS England has issued a new letter for you to send to your ‘at risk’ patients, we have created a version with the correct Vision merge fields for you to download from here.