April 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Clinical Audit Update – 27th April 2020

Please be aware the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Clinical Audit has just been updated, the latest version is Version 7, dated 27/4/2020.

The update includes:

  • Clinical terms 9d44.00 and 65Z..00 are now split between:
    • 9d44.00 and 65Z..00 records without an End date entered in the Medical History record, and
    • 9d44.00 and 65Z..00 records with an End date entered in the Medical History record.

This allows for patients to be excluded from the COVID-19 list for developing complications if required.

  • An update to the clinical term 9N38.00 lines, to include those with a free text of ‘COVID-19: Patient self-declared online as extremely vulnerable - requires clinical review’ only
  • Patients coded with Shielded Patient risks (based on English GPES extract specifications) now has FOR INFORMATION ONLY added to it and the following lines updated:
    • Solid organ transplant recipients now included all appropriate patients
    • Severe respiratory conditions now excludes inappropriate terms, for example, Flu-like symptoms and Upper and Lower respiratory tract infection

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See Coronavirus guidance – Supporting Patient care during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak for full regularly updated guidance across all Vision solution