March 2020

Coronavirus Clinical Term Update - March 2020

We are now in the process of releasing new clinical terms to support the recording of Coronavirus across the Vision product suite.

Vision 3

This update is being released on top of the following versions of Vision 3:

  • England – Vison release DLM 700 - Complete as of 5th March 2020
  • Scotland – Vision release DLM 650 - Almost complete as of 5th March 2020
  • Wales – Vision release DLM 660 - Complete as of 5th March 2020
  • Northern Ireland – Vision release 670 - In progress

As you may be aware, Vision 3 dual codes all data, data is entered using Read codes and mapped to SNOMED CT behind the scenes. From April 2018 there are additions to SNOMED CT that cannot not be directly mapped to existing Read codes. These can be recorded in Vision Anywhere, which is fully SNOMED CT compliant.

See SNOMED CT In Vision FAQs for further information.

This change report lists the Vision local codes we are introducing to ensure you can utilise the new SNOMED CT codes that cannot be directly mapped to Read codes within Vision 3.

Note – We have used this opportunity to add other Vision local codes, not just Coronavirus.

Clinical Audit Support

To support you in your management of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have produced a suite of audits for you to download and use:

This audit can be downloaded from

For instructions on downloading and importing audits see Downloading and Importing Clinical Audits

Vision +

Please be aware, the new Coronavirus clinical terms are not available in Vision + until you receive SIS10500, due for release in the near future.

Vision Anywhere

The new clinical terms to support the recording of Coronavirus are due to be released as soon as Vision 3 has been updated to receive and map the SNOMED CT terms.

Important – In order that the clinical terms are available for you to use as quickly as possible, they all write back to Vision 3 as general history entries. We will be issuing a further update to move these terms into the most appropriate Structure Data Entity (SDA) shortly. In the meantime, the Clinical Audit issued (see above) is designed to search across Vision 3 for any and all entries using these terms.

Click here for the Coronavirus Clinical Term Update - February 2020 release guide