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Consultation Manager is where you view and record clinical details for your patients, it includes:

  • Structured data areas (SDA's), for easier recording and retrieval purposes.
  • Categorised Consultation types, for example, Surgery Consultation, Repeat (prescription) Issue, Telephone Call, Home Visit.
  • Customisable Patient Record screens, ranging from simple data entry screens to sophisticated problem orientated views.
  • A navigation pane which summarises the existing clinical data for the selected patient.
  • A Journal list which consists of every entry made for the selected patient.
  • A Patient Preview screen, an optional setting to display a single page quick overview of the most important patient data.
  • Vision+, a powerful QOF management and practice protocol tool, displays alerts for missing patient information and allows you to quickly enter data. There are also Vision+ full data entry templates.
  • Reminders (yellow post-its) attached to patients as a result of Clinical Audit searches, for example, patients eligible for blood pressure checks at risk of CHD.
  • Therapy screens for acute and repeat prescriptions.
  • Medical History, for generalised data.
  • Country specific links to external systems, for example, eReferrals (England), KIS (Scotland), WCCG (Wales), CCG (Northern Ireland).