November 2019

Coming soon to you, a new Learning Experience Platform

Before the end of this year, Vision is introducing a new, improved learning experience. It is modern, responsive and contains a knowledge base, a new Learning Zone and links to product-based Help Centres.

At Cegedim, we are on a continuous improvement journey where we listen, act, and improve for you. Vision is evolving to remain the clinical IT solution of choice for the healthcare landscape.


The change consists of three exciting aspects, all designed to help us all work smarter, faster and better.

Your new Vision Knowledge Base

We are building a powerful knowledge base of information so you can get the answers you need, faster. We want you to be able to find the information you need better, with a smarter search.

Frequently asked customer support questions will be easy to find using the knowledge base. And you will be able to search help articles and your favourite user guides, to find the answers you need, quickly.

Vision 3 Help is changing for the better

There's a fresh new look, and you'll be able to use the Help Centres from any device, for example, a smartphone or tablet.

You will still be able to access targeted help by selecting <F1>  or selecting Help from within Vision.

The Help Centres consist of  a search bar - to enter a word or string of words to find the information you are looking and menus and buttons that provide the following information, all designed to make getting the help you required faster and more effectively:

  • Getting Started - for a series of quick-start screens
  • What's New - to see what has changed in the latest release, and those before it
  • Help Topics - to navigate through the Help Centre
  • FAQ's - to see the questions and answers to the most common queries
  • Resources - to download printable quick reference and full user guides
  • Video Tutorials - to access our short instruction videos
  • Learning Zone - information on how to register.

You can select the Vision logo in the top left corner to return to the Help Centre front screen from any topic.

Vision's new Learning Zone

The Vision Learning Hub will soon be replaced with a new eLearning Zone. The new Learning Zone includes a personalised learning experience so that you can be in control of your learning.

Benefits include:

  • a dashboard to access your courses and keep track of your progress
  • learning in bite-sized chunks
  • enrolling in your favourite courses
  • learning plans to guide you through certifications
  • recommendations in the Learning Zone for courses relevant to your job role
  • expert learning panels who can share and contribute relevant, useful content

What about The Hive?

The Hive is closing.

From the 19th November the new Vision knowledge base and Help Centres will contain all the information previously held in the Hive, and more!

We want to make it easy for you to find the important information you need.

We are improving the way we share knowledge and information, so you can get the answers you need faster.

Want to know more?

We are here to listen, act and improve for you. If you are interested in testing out the new Learning Experience Platform before December or have any questions, please click here.

We will be in touch soon with further details.