January 2021

Clinical Audit update (25th January 2021)

The Coronavirus Vaccination Audit has been updated

The Coronavirus Vaccination Audit has been updated:

  • This audit should help you monitor the various priority groups and whether they have or have not yet had a COVID-19 vaccination.

Note – Patients with the following clinical terms recorded are not included:

  • 22J% O/E – Dead
  • 8HG% Died in hospital
  • 9134% Registration ghost – deceased
  • 94% Death administration
  • R212100 [D]Died, with no sign of disease
  • R213100 [D]Found dead

Important - This audit has been updated to use the recently published PRIMIS COVID-19 Uptake Reporting Specification. There is some crossover with the Flu specification, but some areas are not the same, particularly Asthma, where the patients are only counted if they are being prescribed oral steroids over a three month period.

The new Coronavirus Vaccination audit can be downloaded from here.

Click here for instructions on downloading audits.