January 2020

Are you missing out on GP practice income?

By fixing the quality of your data, you can ensure patients receive the appropriate care and make sure you don't miss out on potential income.

Here's three ways you can improve your data quality today: 

  1. Standardise care records by encouraging your doctors to use the same standard data entry templates
  2. Share best practice by asking clinicians to show their colleagues how they work.
  3. Validate your data by searching patient records that have missing codes and then adding the right information.

If you don't have the time to do the one or all the above, we can do it for you with our £5K Challenge service.

We've helped practices earn more than £.3.5 million. On average, each GP practice that uses the £5K Challenge finds at least £5K of extra annual revenue. 

If we don't find you the cost of the service, we won't charge you for the service.

Register your interest in the £5k Challenge here.