June 2021

Are you checking Mail Gateway and GP Communicator Daily?

To ensure your messages are processed in a timely manner, the following is a list of checks that your practice should carry out every day:

From Mail Gateway Mail_Gateway_icon:

  • Check the Clinical Schedule:
    • If there were any errors in the last clinical interface run, the Clinical Schedule section displays in red, simply select Run Now to clear. If the error does not clear, contact the Helpdesk on the usual number.
  • Check the Task Status tabs:
    • If there are any Task errors the relevant tab displays in red, see the relevant topic for details on clearing Task errors.

From GP Communicator GP_Communicator_icon:

  • Check the Attention folder, copies of messages in error display here.
  • Check the Today folder within the Incoming folder and Outgoing folder to check that your messages are being sent and received.
    • Files should not be in there for more than 24 hours. If they are there for longer, select Run Now within Mail Gateway to refresh and now check again.

Other Tasks in summary


From Mail Gateway, select Rebuild Folders, see Rebuild Folders and Restart in the GPC and Mail Gateway Help Centre this helps prevent any problems from occurring.

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