Search and Reports

Did you know you can schedule your searches to run during the day?

Searches and reports can be scheduled to run at any time or date in the future.

You can schedule these individually, or make several reports and searches into a batch and schedule the batch.

To schedule your searches:

  1. From the Search and Reports screen, drag and drop a batch on to the Schedule Name pane, remember a batch can contain just one search.
  2. The Add Schedule screen displays, enter a name and select OK.
  3. Run through the Add New Schedule screens completing the various options as appropriate.
  4. The Add New Schedule - Summary screen displays, check the details and tick Enable Schedule to confirm.
  5. Finally, select Finish.

Files created by a search can be accessed using File Explorer from P:\Wordproc\Scheduled_searches.

See Scheduling a Batch of Reports in the Search and Reports Help Centre for full details