Did you know you can schedule your searches to run during the day?

Your searches and reports can be scheduled to run during the day.

You can schedule these individually, or make several reports and searches into a batch and schedule the batch.


search schedule.png


To schedule your searches:

  1.  Drag and drop either an individual search or batch of searches in the Schedule section on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the Schedule clock schedule clock.png.
  3. Now, either select Go to run immediately or enter a time (eg 14.00) or a duration (eg 10m for minutes) and select Go.schedule search ready to run.png
  4. Once the searches and reports have run, either a green tick if successful, or a red cross if unsuccessful, displays alongside each search.schedule search complete.png 

Important points to note when running Searches and Reports by Schedule

  • The Report Output must be either a printable report (Summary, Standard, Detailed or Age/Sex) or an export option. Searches with output of Count or View should not be selected as they display on screen and you may not be there to view them.
  • The report scheduler is not suitable for overnight use as leaving Vision logged on interferes with backups etc.
  • Searches run in the order in which they display on the schedule, therefore, the output group of an earlier search can be used as the input group of a later one.

For more information - See Search and Reports - Scheduling